Ejector module ecoPump SEP selection guidelines

The ejector module ecoPump SEP is available in three performance classes and two versions with optimized air consumption for airtight or porous materials. This enables fast and reliable product selection for each application.

Select the right ecoPump in just a few steps

  • Analyze the workpiece and determine the vacuum operating point / range
  • Determine the vacuum suction pad for the application
  • Determine the ecoPump version (for airtight or porous workpieces)
  • Determine the ecoPump size per suction pad
  • Layout guidlines for specific gripper configurations


ecoPump SEP Selection Guidelines 

ecoPump SEP installation dimensions

The following points must be observed for the installation of the ecoPump SEP in its own housing.

1. Assignment of the nozzle size to the CAD model of the hole:

SEP nozzle sizeCAD model for installation dimensions
SEP HF/HV...7SEP-installation-dimensions-07.STEP [ZIP-file]
SEP HF/HV...13SEP-installation-dimensions-13.STEP [ZIP-file]
SEP HF/HV...22SEP-installation-dimensions-22.STEP [ZIP-file]

Please note that the models do not relate to the ecoPump itself but to the hole required for it.

The model of the hole is a negative model. The hole model must therefore be deduced from your housing model in order to integrate the hole in your existing housing model.

2. Instructions for producing the hole

When producing the installation dimensions, it is imperative that the tolerances and surface roughness shown in the diagram are adhered to.

Please note that the

  • hole for the compressed air connection (1)
  • hole for the vacuum connection (2)

must also be installed in the housing.


3. Holder cap SHC for mounting the ecoPump SEP in the housing

The appropriate holder cap (SHC) must be used for mounting the ecoPump SEP in the hole. This can be found in the technical data in the "Spare parts / Accessories" tab.