Needle gripper SNGi-AE: Fieldbus connection

The needle gripper SNGi-AE (electrical version) features an IO-Link interface, via which the gripper communicates with the higher-level controller and provides complete condition data. In addition to continuous stroke monitoring, this allows comprehensive process control and ongoing process optimization.

Connection recommendation for needle gripper SNGi-AE

IO-Link masters are necessary so as to be able to connect the needle gripper SNGi-AE to the controller. We recommend the following components:

Important: These components are not Schmalz parts and can only be purchased directly from the corresponding manufacturer

IO Device Description (IODD) for needle gripper SNGi-AE

The IO-Link Device Description (IODD) describes the actuators and sensors for the IO-Link device.

In addition to general information about the needle gripper SNGi-AE, the IODD directories contain information on the technical parameters and communication properties of the gripper.

Function Modules for Beckhoff Twin CAT PLC TC2

The standard function module is used to control an SNGi-AE needle gripper. All functions defined for the needle gripper are implemented in this function module.

The download contains:

  • Function module 
  • Documentation in German and English 
  • An example to show how a function module is used

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