New Vacuum and Pressure Switches VS / VSi

Keep everything in your sights with the new vacuum and pressure switches VS and VSi from Schmalz: The electronic switches are modular in design, simple to integrate in the automation environment and visible throughout the entire process thanks to the use of innovative communication technology.

Product presentation of the vacuum and pressure switch VSi. The switch measures and monitors vacuum and overpressure in automation and handling systems.

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Digital vacuum and pressure switch with IO link

Analog vacuum and pressure sensors

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Highlights of Vacuum and Pressure Switches VS/VSi

  • Measuring range -1 to 10 bar
  • Protection class IP 65
Switch with integrated display
Sensor without display, digital (VSi) and analog (VS) switching output
Sensor without display, digital (VSi) and analog (VS) switching output
Switch and external display
Switch (VSi) for data reading during the process, digital switching output with external display (SDI) for the display in the field of vision, IO-link interface
Switch with integrated display
Switch with integrated display, digital switching output, IO-link interface

Everything is Visible: on the Display, in the Controller and on Your Smartphone

  • Switch available in three versions: without Display and with integrated or external display
  • Compact sensor unit for installation directly on the suction cup, ensuring measurement with no line losses
  • External controll display for integration in the user interface
  • Real-time device and process information with a switch that measures directly during the process and is available via IO-link at any control point
  • NFC allows for device and process information to be read and parametrized with a smartphone
  • Current vacuum or pressure level shown on display
  • Using an IO-link the switch is quickly and easily intgrated into a system
  • Process and device parameters are easily definable through IO-link, NFC or an external display

Total control with Schmalz ControlRoom

With the Schmalz ControlRoom app, your intelligent Schmalz devices can be identified, read out and parameterized. The data is transferred using NFC (Near Field Communication). This not only reduces procurement costs, it shortens the startup time and optimizes device servicing.

Features at a glance:

  • 40 percent reduction in procurement costs  
  • Time saving of 75 percent during startup
  • 80 percent shorter service times

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