Flexible, Quick-Change Sealing Elements

Sealing foam and suction cups can be changed quickly and easily due to the optimized adhesive film and the push-in function

Sealing Foam with Quick-Change Adhesive Film

Sealing Foam with Quick-Change Adhesive Film
  • Optimal adjustment capabilities
  • Quick rebound for short cycle times
  • Replaceable without adhesive residue and without the need to clean the sheet
  • Intended for workpieces wider than 20 mm (in the design with 5 suction rows, on request)
  • With optional filter mat

Suction Cups with Push-in Function

  • Optimal height compensation and damping effect
  • Quick replacement due to the push-in mechanism
  • Diameters 20 mm and 40 mm
  • Made from FDA-compliant silicone
  • With optional insert filter

Selection Aid

Application featuresSealing foamSuction cups
Rigid workpieces such as sheets, metal sheets, boards, sections and pallets
Flexible workpieces such as cardboard boxes, sacks, bags and trays
Elongated workpieces such as strips, sections, boards
Workpieces with rough and structured surface
Handling of smaller product layers such as jars (open or closed) and cans with a continuous edge

Innovative Valve Technology

Valve type and size can be changed easily and quickly in case of changing requirements

Check Valves SVK

  • Ball valves integrated in the base section for closing off uncovered suction cells
  • Leak-free integrated, resulting in a higher vacuum as well as improved energy efficiency and holding force
  • Valve film with clover shape for high flow rate and quick picking up and blowing off
  • Proper functioning ensured even with unplaned surfaces

Flow Restrictors SW

Flow Restrictors SW
  • Valve film with integrated flow restrictors to minimize leakage losses due to uncovered suctions cells
  • Suitable for swiveling operations and high accelerations
  • Different flow diameters available (optional)

Selection Aid

Blow-off times
Suction force
Application featuresSVKSW
Smooth and airtight workpieces (e.g. metal sheets, glass, coated wood)
Porous workpieces (e.g. boxes, sacks, uncoated wood)
Structured surfaces
Workpieces with low of gripper coverage (e.g. pipes, sections)
Minimum cycle times (active blow off)
Optimization of energy efficiency
Swiveling movements > 45°

Selection aid for configuring the appropriate area gripping system

Selection Aid Area Gripping System FXP

Do you need an area gripper with integrated vacuum generation? With this selection aid, you can choose from different lengths and sealing elements. Choose what works best with your application.

Selection Aid Area Gripping System FMP

Our selection aid will help you find the right area gripper for external vacuum generation even faster. Choose from different lengths, sealing elements, and valve types: