Updating Your Account at www.schmalz.com

Do you need help updating your user account? The description below explains each step in detail.

Were you already registered on our old website? In that case, just log in to our new website using the e-mail address saved for your account. You will not need to register again.

Once you log in, your data will be updated and transferred to the new web platform.

Update account

You will then receive an e-mail with an activation link. Please click this link to complete the update.

Activate your account

After the update is complete, you will be immediately redirected to the “My Account” page.

To protect your data, your current password is not saved. Please reset your password so that you can continue logging in to the online shop.

Please log out again first.

Log out again

To reset your password, click the lock icon in the website header. You will see the “Update password” link in the flyout.

Link to update password

Enter your e-mail address again on the next page. You will then receive an e-mail that you can use to reset the password.

E-mail address to reset password
Reset password

After you click the link, you can define a new password.

The password should be at least 6 characters long and include numbers as well as uppercase and lowercase letters.

Reset password

You can log in to the web platform immediately once you have reset the password.

Log in again