Assembly Instruction Vacuum End Effectors VEE – Flexible Modular Design with Perfectly Coordinated Parts

Type of handling Automated handling
Industry Packaging
Workpiece Cardboard boxes
Product Vacuum Technology for Automation, Components, Vacuum End Effectors VEE
Videonummer 116

The Schmalz modular system for vacuum end effectors VEE allows fast, flexible configuration of end effectors for different processes. A wide selection of combinations of vacuum feed and zones, connection elements and suction Cup connections is available to create the matching end effector. All VEE elements are made of polysulfone PSU according to FDA guidelines. They are resistant to alkaline and acidic cleaning agents and can be steam sterilized. This makes them suitable not only for the packaging industry but especially for use in the food processing industry. Vacuum end effectors can be combined with many suction cups from the Schmalz product range.

Vacuum End Effectors VEE