JumboErgo Vacuum Tube Lifter for Efficiently Loading CNC Machining Centers

Type of handling Manual handling
Industry Wood
Workpiece Doors, Wooden boards
Product JumboErgo, Vacuum Lifters and Crane Systems, Tube lifter
Videonummer 160

A Swiss door manufacturer produces and sells high quality wooden doors. In its semi-automated production process, the heavy raw wooden panels are moved by hand in a number of different process steps - up to two employees are required to do this. To sustainably protect the health of staff and make the process more ergonomic and efficient, the company decided to purchase a vacuum tube lifter from Schmalz.

The JumboErgo vacuum tube lifter is equipped with an ergonomic operating element and intuitive control handle. The operator can raise and lower the workpiece by pressing the control handle.

The tube lifter is equipped with a flexible four head suction pad. For maximum flexibility, the suction pad on the cross beam can be moved to adapt it to the size of the workpiece. Furthermore, the vacuum tube lifter is also equipped with an optional swiveling unit. If required, the workpieces can be swiveled by 90° for further processing.

The vacuum tube lifter from Schmalz allowed this process step to be designed with ergonomics and the health of employees in mind.

Tube lifter JumboErgo