Matrix gripper: automated gripping of changing blanks

Type of handling Automated handling
Industry Composite
Workpiece GRP components, Shrink wrapped goods, Composite textiles
Product Vacuum Technology for Automation, Components
Video number 164

Fiber composite manufacturing processes are constantly increasing in complexity. Different blanks and forms made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic place especially high demands on the handling technology.

The matrix grippers from Schmalz allow surface handling of flexible and unstable workpieces. Individually controllable suction cells permit selective picking and placing of cut out textiles. The gripper is especially precise and allows the gentle handling of the workpieces.

In the areas of fiber composite, automotive, textile / leather and aerospace manufacturing, the matrix gripper is especially well suited for automatically picking thin and porous workpieces from cutter tables. The lean IO-Link control interface makes the gripper easy to integrate into existing systems.