Schmalz SG sack suction cup for handling sacks

Type of handling Automated handling
Industry Packaging, Logistics
Workpiece Bags
Product Vacuum Technology for Automation, Components, Vacuum suction cups
Videonummer 124

In the past, the 20 kg sacks were handled and palletized using a claw pick-up. The claw pick-up had to be manually adjusted for each different sack type. The cycle times were also not satisfactory. Schmalz’s SG sack suction cup provided the ideal solution for this handling task.

The Schmalz SG sack suction cup picks up the sack from the surface of the workpiece and grips it securely. The suction cup is suitable for all sack types and can handle sacks with both stable and unstable contents. The sack suction cup is equipped with a special sealing foam, which allows it to precisely conform to the shape of the workpiece. A support grid within the suction cup prevents the sack from tearing or being sucked in.

With the SG sack suction cup, the output was increased from 12 to 22 pieces per minute, which enhanced the productivity of the plant by 80%.