Schmalz Wafer Gripper SWG aids gentle handling of wafers and cells

Type of handling Automated handling
Industry Solar
Workpiece Solar cells, Wafers
Product Vacuum Technology for Automation, Components, Special Grippers
Videonummer 061

In the solar industry cells and wafers have to be handled gently. Fast loading and unloading is of particular importance here. Schmalz developed the wafer gripper SWG especially for this purpose.

The SWG realizes high holding forces and enables a gentle handling without surface contamination. Thereby extremely sensitive parts can be gently transported (wafers, cells and foils d<120). The exhaust air is derived through hoses of the Schmalz Wafer Gripper. It works with full or partial occupation. This enables the elimination of defective workpieces from the process space and prevents the distribution of dusts of silizium or fragments of the workpiece in the process area. The Schmalz Waver Gripper is very cost efficient with its low air consumption. It can be equipped with sensors to detect broken equipment.

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