Suction Cup Balance SSCB for Automatic Setup, Simultaneous Gripping and Precisely Positioned Clamping

Type of handling Clamping
Industry Composite, Metal / Sheet metal
Workpiece 3D freeform surfaces, Metal sheets, Composite textiles, Other products
Product Vacuum Clamping Systems, 3D Clamping Solutions

With the new Suction Cup Balance SSCB, Schmalz has developed both a clamping system with precise positioning for 3D free-form surfaces and a gripping system equipped for automatic setup and simultaneous gripping.

The SSCB from Schmalz consists of a robust main body made from aluminum that includes both vacuum and compressed air connections. On the end of the product near the workpiece, there is a flexible bellows suction cup made from wear-resistant Vulkollan and positioning pins with wear-resistant holding material for adapting to 3D geometries.

At the start of the clamping or gripping process, the positioning pins are adapted to the workpiece geometry. There are two different product options for fixing the pins. All of the pins can be clamped either centrally or individually.

When using an SSCB with individual clamping pins, the suction cup is moved into position against a 2D reference surface until all of the positioning pins have been fully engaged. The SSCB is then moved away from the 2D reference surface. While it moves, the pins are clamped in place when they reach the exact programmed height position and workpiece contour derived from the workpiece until the negative contour of the workpiece is produced. This setting can be used to set up the clamping system. The positioning pins are fixed in place without the need for energy by deactivating the compressed air.

An SSCB with a central clamping system can be set up by pressing it on the workpiece contour.

To do so, only a compressed air connection on the main body of the product is required, so that all of the positioning pins can be fixed in place centrally. In this version of the SSCB, only dimensionally stable workpieces can be clamped and processed.

Once all of the positioning pins are brought into position, the workpiece can be picked up and gripped in an inherently stable way using the resulting 3D contour. The workpiece is then deposited on the female mold of the bellows suction cups and picked up using vacuum power. The height difference up to the spring plungers can easily be adjusted by the suction cup.

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