Vacuum End Effector VEE – Configurator for Easy Design of a Vacuum End Effector VEE

Type of handling Automated handling
Industry Packaging
Workpiece Cardboard boxes
Product Vacuum Technology for Automation, Components, Vacuum End Effectors VEE
Videonummer 141

The Schmalz modular system for vacuum end effectors (VEE) allows grippers used in the packaging industry to be constructed quickly and easily. To enable quick and flexible construction of the end effectors, Schmalz offers a digital configurator.

Various flange modules, basic modules, connection elements and suction cups are available for constructing an end effector. The design of the end effector as well as the number and position of the suction cups can be determined according to the dimensions and properties of the workpiece. Over 30 different variations for the design of the vacuum end effector are available in the configurator. These depend on the selected number and position of the suction cups. Various connection elements allow you to configure an end effector which is ready to connect.

A preview function displays changes to the configuration live in 3D. Short help texts are also available to assist you with the configurator.

After the configuration is complete, you can download 2D and 3D models as well as a parts list with the necessary modular elements. In addition, you can also request a quote for your specific configuration directly in the configurator.

Vacuum End Effectors VEE