Vacuum lifting device VacuMaster Basic to swivel sheets of glass by 90 degrees

Type of handling Manual handling
Industry Glass
Workpiece Glass sheets
Product Vacuum Lifters and Crane Systems, Lifting device, VacuMaster Basic

To transport the windows for further processing previously two or more employees were requiredto do hard, physical work. Besides during the transport there was a risk that the windows were damaged. To avoid these risks they searched for a transport aid. It was found with a Vacuum lifting device from Schmalz.

The Vacuum lifting device VacuMaster Basic is the perfect solution for transporting windows easily. With a load of 250 kg the windows can be handled safely and ergonomically by one person. By the use of four suction plates of type SPU the component parts are handled very gently. Equipped with an electric linear drive, the lifting device can swivel the windows easily 90 degrees. During the handling process the glass is lifted with the lifting device from a stationary bearing block and placed on a mounting table.

Lifting Device VacuMaster