Vacuum Lifting Device VacuMaster HHVM Makes It Easy to Load a Modern Upright Wood Saw

Type of handling Manual handling
Industry Wood
Workpiece Furniture parts, Wooden boards
Product Vacuum Lifters and Crane Systems, Lifting device, VacuMaster HHVM

In order to simplify the logistical process from upright storage to the upright saw (for the construction of a new production hall), the company decided to purchase a vacuum lifting device.

The vacuum lifting device VacuMaster HHVM is the ideal solution for this situation. It is the perfect tool for removing wooden boards from upright storage and moving them towards an upright wood saw. The slim design of the work device makes it easy to remove workpieces from this type of storage. The upright saw is then loaded by rotating the workpiece 90° to the left or right and locking it in place. The lifting device can easily handle the wooden boards, which can weigh up to 180 kg. The wood saw can be efficiently loaded by one person, without damaging the boards.

For this application, the vacuum lifting device VacuMaster HHVM is combined with a Schmalz aluminum crane system SRA to handle maximum loads of 225 kg. The easy-to-move crane system can cover the entire production hall, providing for flexible, ergonomic use of the vacuum lifting device.

Lifting Device VacuMaster