Vacuum Suction Cups SAB within the Automotive Press Plant

Type of handling Automated handling
Industry Automotive
Workpiece Metal sheets
Product Vacuum Technology for Automation, Components, Vacuum suction cups
Videonummer 073

Dynamic processing with cycle times which are as short as possible has to be ensured in an automotive pressing plant. The safe, precise handling of car body parts made of sheet aluminum was made possible by a vacuum suction cup from Schmalz. The video shows vacuum suction cups which were specially developed for handling automotive industry workpieces. SAB type vacuum suction cups are designed for dynamic handling of sheet metal and shorten cycle times. Deep drawing of sheet metal is prevented due to the large-scale, structured inner support.

SAB suction cups allow for absorption of high lateral forces even with oiled sheet metal. A special groove on the under side of the suction cup supports slide-free handling. Thanks to the design with 1.5 corrugations, the suction cup adjusts perfectly to curved workpieces, while the 1.5 corrugations simultaneously ensure excellent damping during attachment. SAB suction cups are used in feeder systems for press lines in the car industry, for example. In this application, vacuum suction cups of the type SAB are used. These suction cups are developed especially for the requirements of the automotive industry.

Bellows Suction Cups SAB (1.5 Folds)