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Ergonomic Vacuum Lifters for Manual Handling

Various manual processes are involved in manufacturing workflows: For example, components such as roofs are unloaded from presses and loaded to the carriers; in in-house logistics, small load carriers such as boxes or crates are moved, and components such as windows, batteries or brake disks are supplied to the line. The high cycle rate and the weight or shape of the workpieces involved in these tasks can strain the health of employees.

Manually controlled vacuum lifters relieve operators of the weight of workpieces, allowing them to work ergonomically and without physical strain. The simple operation of vacuum lifters allows coils, metal sheets, boxes and crates to be quickly gripped and moved. Depending on the type, the vacuum lifters allow the workpieces to be swiveled horizontally by 90° or rotated 180°.

Vacuum Lifters for Manual Handling


  • Workpieces up to 50 kg
  • One-hand operation for rapid movement processes


  • Workpieces up to 300 kg
  • Tube lifter JumboErgo for the dynamic handling of bulky workpieces.

VacuMaster Coil

  • For loads weighing up to 1,000 kg
  • For coils and slit coils
  • 90° swivel, e.g. for placement on a decoiler mandrel

Aluminum Bridge Cranes

  • Installation on ceiling or portal construction
  • Lift capacity up to 1,200 kg

Tube Lifter JumboFlex Battery

  • Handling of starter batteries of various sizes and geometries, up to 27 kg
  • No space required between batteries thanks to vacuum gripping from above

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