Clamping solutions for workpieces made of metal

Vacuum Clamping Technology for Fixing Workpieces

In CNC machining centers, flat metal workpieces with planar undersides must be clamped precisely and reliably. The matrix-plate vacuum clamping system can hold even components and workpieces that are difficult or impossible to clamp mechanically, pneumatically or hydraulically in place effectively. The workpiece is positioned against mechanical stops and clamped using vacuum, allowing simple, distortion-free processing.

Friction cups allow operators to work with faster feeds and higher cutting rates. A matrix-plate can quickly be attached to the machine table using clamping claws or zero point clamping systems. The workpieces can easily and safely be clamped and released using a foot switch or manual switch.


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Schmalz Product Solutions for Clamping Metal and Sheet Metal

Matrix-Plate MPL

  • Clamping system made of high-strength aluminum
  • Adaptable to conventional clamping technology

Milling through a workpiece

Vacuum blocks for grid tables are inserted directly into the grid of the matrix-plate, and the suction cups are arranged based on the positions of the holes. This allows drilling into the workpiece without damage to the matrix-plate or the component itself.

Basic Holding Fixture BHF

  • Flexible, manually adjustable clamping solution for free-form workpieces
  • Pre-fastening using vacuum or magnets

Vacuum Operation Center VOC

  • Central vacuum generation and monitoring
  • Suction capacities of 40, 63, 100 m³/h

Vacuum Unit VAGG

  • Mobile vacuum generation and monitoring
  • Suction capacities of 6, 18, 40 and 63 m³/h