Vacuum Technology in Robotics

Automation is a central topic of the future: More and more small and medium-sized companies are automating their processes in order to make them more efficient and ergonomic. In addition to autonomous machines, robots are becoming increasingly prevalent in production facilities. They perform simple tasks that are highly monotonous or physically demanding, thus allowing employees to focus on other activities. Over the past years, this has resulted in robots evolving from a co-existing machine into a cooperative system and ultimately a collaborative means of support.

Alongside industrial robots for fully automated applications that often require extremely short cycle times, lightweight robots and collaborative robots, also referred to as “cobots”, are also being used with increasing frequency. These robots are smaller, lighter, and more affordable. They are also easier to integrate into existing processes, bringing with them increased flexibility.

From intelligent individual components all the way to complete gripping systems, Schmalz offers a variety of gripping solutions for both industrial and lightweight robotics.

Applications for Vacuum Technology in Robotics

  • Pick-and-place applications
  • Loading and unloading of machines and systems
  • Palletizing and depalletizing applications
  • Assembly processes, for example in body shops in the automotive industry
  • Automated warehouses

Vacuum Solutions for Robotics

Industrial robots

Industrial robots are generally used for rapid cycle times or handling heavy loads. Gripping systems from Schmalz also allow for large ranges.

Lightweight robots and cobots

From individual components all the way to pre-configured complete packages, Schmalz offers intelligent gripping solutions for lightweight robots and cobots. These solutions are easy to integrate into existing applications, resulting in a high level of flexibility.