Layer gripping system SPZ with combi foam for layerwise handling of cans

Type of handling Automated handling
Industry Packaging, Logistics
Workpiece Cans
Product Vacuum Technology for Automation, Gripping system, Layer Gripping System SPZ

Layers of cans are palletized and depalletized as part of a logistics process. Handling layers of cans is a particularly challenging task due to the round edge of the workpiece. As a solution for this problem, Schmalz offers the layer gripping system SPZ with combination foam.

The vacuum layer gripping system SPZ consists of modular, locked large-area vacuum grippers and allows the handling of complete product layers. In this application the vacuum layer gripping system SPZ is equipped with a special combi foam which is one out of three possible sealing plates. The patented combi foam with its innovative layer structure is especially used for the handling of workpieces with small diameters, such as cans with a continuous edge or glass and buckets.

Vacuum Layer Gripping System SPZ