Vacuum layer gripping system SPZ for palletizing and depalletizing various product layers

Type of handling Automated handling
Industry Packaging, Logistics
Workpiece Bottles, Cans
Product Vacuum Technology for Automation, Gripping system, Layer Gripping System SPZ

Schmalz has developed a special gripping system to automate the handling of various product layers.

The vacuum layer gripping system SPZ consists of modularly connected large-area grippers, which allow for easy adjustment of the gripper to meet individual requirements. The suction area consists of flexible sealing foam which adapts to fit the contours of each workpiece perfectly. The layer gripping system is equipped with check valves, which detect and seal off unused parts of the suction area. This technology enables you to lift small layers or layers with gaps.

The integrated vacuum generation provides additional advantages. The gripper can be connected directly to the compressed air supply. No tubing is required to connect it to an external vacuum generator. This simplifies assembly, minimizes part interference and considerably reduces the volume that has to be evacuated. Because the necessary vacuum can be generated faster, this solution also allows for shorter cycle times. The gripper is ideal for dynamic handling processes, and is flexible enough for various applications in areas such as warehousing and intralogistics.

Vacuum Layer Gripping System SPZ