Vacuum layer gripping system SPZ-M-C for handling layers of products

Type of handling Automated handling
Industry Packaging, Logistics
Workpiece Shrink wrapped goods, Bottles, Product layers, Cardboard boxes, Cans
Product Vacuum Technology for Automation, Gripping system, Layer Gripping System SPZ
Videonummer 128

The vacuum layer gripping system is designed for automated palletizing and depalletizing of product layers.

The layer gripping system consists of modularly connected large-area grippers and can be adjusted to the individual layer size. The suction area is equipped with individual vacuum suction cups. A mechanical clamp provides additional security during the entire handling process. The patented curtain concept creates a global vacuum chamber, which allows extremely strong holding force to be reached.

Intermediate layers, empty pallets, and layers with and without offset can be handled easily with the vacuum layer gripping system.

Vacuum Layer Gripping System SPZ