Vacuum layer gripping system SPZ-M-C with diverse range of products for handling

Type of handling Automated handling
Industry Packaging, Logistics
Workpiece Shrink wrapped goods, Cardboard boxes
Product Vacuum Technology for Automation, Gripping system, Layer Gripping System SPZ
Videonummer 081

In logistics processes, products with varying dimensions have to be palletized and depalletized. The vacuum layer gripping system SPZ-M-C from Schmalz is ideally suited for this challenging handling task.

Automated palletising and depalletising different product layers is no problem for the SPZ-M-C vacuum layer gripping system. The SPZ-M-C layer gripping system consists of modular, locked large-area grippers so that the layer gripper can be adjusted individually to the layer size. A mechanical clamp ensures the stability of the product layer. Thanks to the patented “curtain concept”, the SPZ-M-C layer gripper provides additional holding power with its global vacuum chamber. This even allows for handling product layers that previously had to be re-layered manually.

Vacuum Layer Gripping System SPZ