Vacuum Lifting Device VacuMaster Basic Streamlines Logistical Work Processes During the Production of Photovoltaic Systems

Type of handling Manual handling
Industry Plastics
Workpiece Plastic sheets
Product Vacuum Lifters and Crane Systems, Lifting device, VacuMaster Basic

Previously, in photovoltaics area, the plastic sheets were transported manually from the high-rack storage area to the individual work stages. The sheets weigh between 80 and 100 kg and meaure 4,000 x 2,000 mm (length x width). At least two people were needed to do this. The company wanted gentle handling of the plastic sheets and to make the employees’ work easier.

The vacuum lifting device VacuMaster Basic that were used are designed in various load classes. Each lifting device can swivel 90° and makes it possible to place the plastic sheets on an upright panel transport trolley. Only one person is required for operation. Furthermore, the lifting device VacuMaster Basic increases productivity because unproductive downtimes can be shortened. The vacuum lifting device also ensures gentle handling, without damaging or scratching the material. The extremely compact and weight-oriented design provide for ergonomic operation. In combination with an SRA aluminum crane system, the loads can be moved effortlessly. Even load distribution across all load-bearing rollers of the crane trolley prevents the trolleys from tilting, even when driven “diagonally to the direction of travel”.

Lifting Device VacuMaster