Vacuum Tube Lifter JumboErgo for Handling Plastic Sheets

Type of handling Manual handling
Industry Plastics
Workpiece Plastic sheets
Product Vacuum Lifters and Crane Systems, Tube lifter, JumboErgo
Video number 101

The cumbersome plastic sheets were manually transported and restored by two employees. The company wanted to reduce the workload of the employees by purchasing a lifting aid.

The vacuum tube lifter JumboErgo eases the transportation of plastic sheets. The vacuum lifter JumboErgo can handle even cumbersome workpieces due to the six suction plates. The ergonomic operator handle is characterized by the twisted grip. The operator handle controls the lifting and lowering of the load. With the usage of the vacuum tube lifter ergonomic, health protecting and efficient working is guaranteed. In combination with the column-mounted slewing crane SK from Schmalz, the vacuum tube lifter JumboErgo is a complete solution for the optimation of the production process.

Tube Lifter Jumbo