High goals. Serious ambition.
Are you a Mover?

Movers love challenges. They are on the cutting edge of their fields, they are flexible, they think innovatively and act on initiative. Passionate movers are defined by their consistent customer focus and have made Schmalz one of the leading international companies in the field of vacuum technology. As a sales engineer or a development engineer, in production or a number of other departments: Your chance for a long, productive career at Schmalz is waiting for you. Get to know us a little better.

Range of activities for experienced professionals at Schmalz

Sales Engineers

Engineers in the Sales department inspire our customers with their technical knowledge.

Development Engineers

Our development engineers develop the vacuum technology of the future, perfectly tailored to our customers’ needs.

Technical Employees

Technical employees are vital to our company. They manufacture high quality vacuum technology.

Service Providers

Bookkeeping, IT or marketing: Service providers support Schmalz in a number of areas.


Qualified management personnel are dedicated to the company philosophy and lead their teams to greatness.