Schmalz Development Engineers

The engineers in our Development department are passionate about technology, have great ideas and work intensively on developing the products of the future. They are a vital part of the company and their inventive talents keep Schmalz on the cutting edge worldwide. Our development engineers are up to date on the latest technologies and are well-versed in how to use our tried and trusted technology as well as the technology of the future. They know how to transform their knowledge and ideas into true innovations and offer the perfect solutions for customers from a wide variety of industries. Our development engineers enjoy being creative, but at the same time they have a keen eye for details and make sure that their products have been perfected before sending them to be manufactured.

Development engineers help to bring Schmalz forward in the following areas:

Order design

Independent execution of order-related designs | Performance of calculations that inform the designs | Creation of complete drawing sets and parts lists | Design support of a product throughout its life cycle

Product management

Performance of market analyses |Support for product development projects | Active product marketing | Creation of product documentation, brochures and flyers |Coordination of internal and external training sessions


Conception of innovative products from the idea to building a prototype all the way to handing the project over for serial development | Monitoring trends and technology in order to gain insight on potentials for future products | Development of feasibility studies and successful implementation of these studies | Construction and testing of function models and prototypes

Design and product development

Independent development of innovative series products | Performance of profitable product improvements


Performance of tests/constructing prototypes | Definition of testing standards and guidelines | Configuration, support and documentation of test installations and long-term tests | Active participation in customer, development and pre-development projects | Contribution of ideas for projects and products

Assembly/manufacturing planning, supervision and operations scheduling

Testing, prioritizing and planning of projects in the assembly and production facilities | Continuous optimization of assembly and production processes | Deadline monitoring | Scheduling | Production supervision

Job Opportunities