Technical Employees at Schmalz

Our technical employees are motivated, focused on quality, and work well in teams. They’re highly qualified and have extensive specialist knowledge. Their top priority is producing high-quality, state-of-the-art products efficiently to deliver them when the customers need them. They work with our modern logistics system to ensure that shipments arrive on time.

Technical employees contribute to Schmalz’ success in the following areas:

Machine Operation in Production

CNC turning and milling | Plastics processing

Electrical and Mechanical Assembly

Mounting suction cups, ejectors, lifting devices and entire gripper and clamping systems | Final inspection of the mounted parts


Welding crane sections, main bodies and steel beams

Paint Shop

Working with powder applications and wet painting

Device Construction

Production and assembly of work-saving devices | Implementation of suggestions for improvement from the assembly departments


In-house transportation of raw materials and assembled parts | Order picking | Receipt and warehousing of new goods


Installation and regular maintenance of Schmalz products on customers’ premises | Repair and servicing of products

Job Opportunities