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Movers love challenges. They are hungry for hands-on experiences and thirsty for knowledge, they are ambitious and have clear goals. They are on the cutting edge of their fields, they are flexible, they think innovatively and act on initiative. Passionate movers are defined by their consistent customer focus and have made Schmalz one of the leading international companies in the field of vacuum technology. Get to know us a little better.


Students and recent graduates are just starting out on their career paths. Take this opportunity to shape your future with us, the vacuum technology specialists. At Schmalz, you can apply the theoretical knowledge you have learned in a real-world setting. With interesting thesis topics and the possibility to start with full-time position immediately after graduation, we offer you a wide range of opportunities for the beginning of your career. If you’re passionate about the fields of engineering, IT or business administration, then Schmalz is the perfect place for you. You’ll face new challenges, contribute your ideas and reach your full potential.

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