Our Basic Principles

As part of our basic principles, both management and employees are committed to working together in a fair and friendly way. The basic principles also ensure that we have a uniform approach to our customers and partners around the world. They form the basis of our daily interactions within the Schmalz Group, and have led to the development of a trust-filled and enjoyable working environment.

The following basic principles make up the guidelines for working at Schmalz:

  • We commit ourselves to working together as partners in a fair way
  • We interact with one another openly, directly and constructively through personal conversations
  • We inspire our external and internal customers
  • We think and act in terms of the entire company and in a cooperative way
  • We offer our employees a great deal of freedom and responsibility and we are communicate both praise and criticism
  • We actively improve our processes and continue to educate ourselves
  • We think and act on an international level
  • We think and act in an environmentally-conscious manner
  • Our guiding motto is to “Convince rather than dictate”