Benefits for Employees at Schmalz

Benefits at Schmalz

Schmalz offers its employees a comprehensive benefits package. At Schmalz, it’s important for us to see our employees as a whole, which includes not only a person’s work life, but also many other areas. That’s why Schmalz offers benefits that target all relevant aspects of a person’s life. From finances and security to future prospects and education, health and wellness all the way to family and free time, our employees benefit from great offers and additional advantages in all areas of their lives.

Alongside this comprehensive benefits package, Schmalz employees also benefit from a corporate culture that is marked by trust and fairness. Schmalz is also committed to acting responsibility in terms of the environment and society, and these goals are also part of the company’s strategic orientation. This means that our employees are positively influenced by the company’s focus on sustainability and are inspired to advocate for ecological and social issues.