Schmalz at Interpack 2017: Vacuum Technology for Efficient Handling of Packages

From May 4 to 10, 2017 in Düsseldorf, Germany, everything will focus on packaging. J. Schmalz GmbH will be presenting solutions for automated and manual vacuum handling at the Interpack trade show. The highlights at booth A40 in hall 13 will include oval tubular bag suction cups for fast flow-wrap processes and silicone bellows suction cups for the food and beverage industry that can be detected by a metal detector.

Round bellows suction cups made from the special SI-MD material, which is suitable for contact with food and can be detected by metal detectors

With a rate of up to 600 parts per minute, flow-wrapping is an extremely dynamic operation. Schmalz developed the oval tubular bag suction cup SPOB1f specially for this high-speed process. It features high holding force and optimum sealing on narrow bag packaging, even when there are many folds and the bags are not very full.

In Düsseldorf Schmalz will also be presenting bellows suction cups made from SI-MD silicone that have been specially designed for contact with food products and that can be detected by a metal detector. The material contains a small amount of metal oxide, which is picked up by detectors. If the suction cups are not replaced in time and tear, any material that inadvertently gets into the food can be immediately detected. These suction cups therefore prevent contamination of baked goods, pizzas, granola bars or chocolate bars.

Suction cups made from wear-resistant SI-HD silicone also reliably grip goods with rough surfaces and exhibit excellent durability. Users will benefit from the extended maintenance intervals, especially in the pharmaceutical industry where freshly sterilized glass containers are filled and packed. Both suction cup types are FDA compliant.

Combined with palletizing robots, vacuum gripping systems can increase production capacity in automated handling applications considerably. Among the products exhibited by Schmalz in Düsseldorf will be the area gripper FXP. It picks, sorts and palletizes cardboard boxes and bags, as well as other items. The layer gripping system SPZ-M is designed for palletizing and de-palletizing layers of various goods in warehouses and intra-logistics processes. It reliably grips layers of different sizes and shapes without damaging them. Users thus achieve high throughput and save time because the system does not need to be retooled when the products change. Schmalz’s portfolio also contains a software package that allows users to control gripping processes and save them for later procedures.

Picking employees must be able to transport goods quickly and in large numbers. This can be very physically taxing. Schmalz shows how vacuum technology can prevent health problems caused by the frequent lifting and moving of heavy loads. The vacuum tube lifter JumboFlex is particularly suited for quickly handling loads of up to 50 kilograms. The JumboErgo 85 was designed for loads of up to 85 kilograms. It quickly and reliably moves unwieldy workpieces like plastic sheets. Its ergonomic design allows the operator to work without strain. 


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