Schmalz at the HANNOVER MESSE 2017 Trade Show: Intelligent Vacuum Solutions for Networked Production

The main theme at this year’s Hannover Messe is “Integrated Industry – Creating Value” and the trade show will highlight how the vision of networked industry has become reality. In Hall 17, Booth E26, the vacuum specialist Schmalz will present smart field devices and other vacuum solutions that make production processes multiple times more efficient and transparent.

Speaking Industry 4.0: Smart field devices from Schmalz for networked production

The smart field devices from Schmalz include the “i” series of intelligent vacuum generators with the SXPi/SXMPi compact ejector series and the SCTMi compact terminal as a high-end interface. These devices ensure not only efficient production but also enable the entire process to be controlled and monitored. All of the parameters that are relevant to energy and performance in the entire vacuum system are recorded, monitored and analyzed. That enables a higher degree of transparency and productivity in automated processes. The energy monitoring function guarantees optimal energy consumption throughout the system. The system status is monitored using condition monitoring, which greatly increases system availability. Predictive maintenance is also a feature.

An additional smart field device from Schmalz is the VSi vacuum and pressure switch. Using NFC (near field communication), the switch transfers important data directly from the device’s processor to a mobile end device. The maintenance engineer can then react immediately if required and prevent expensive downtime. The pure availability of data creates a real additional benefit for the user.

Schmalz will be showing extremely complex gripping systems at the trade show: Examples of custom made end-of-arm tooling will be available to be seen as area gripping systems, layer gripping systems and suction spiders. The layer gripper SPZ-M-C with integrated palletizing software is new. The gripper stands out due to the high variance in workpieces and layering patterns that can be handled. The associated software makes everyday work easier for the user, who can save new gripping procedures for different workpieces and then open these from a library at a later time. Importing workpiece data is also very quick and easy. New handling tasks are learned based on stored process values. The gripper can be easily configured and reliably controlled using the latest, user-friendly software.

Despite the increased level of automation, there is still a high of level of manual activities. The aim here is to arrange work processes efficiently and safely by using lifting devices that are intuitive to operate. In Hanover, Schmalz will be showing vacuum lifters and cranes that increase productivity while also protecting employee health. Users can move loads of up to 2,000 kg effortlessly and ergonomically by using lifting devices of the type VacuMaster. If the handling activities are particularly fast and frequent, vacuum tube lifters of the type Jumbo are the right choice. These are suitable for various goods and materials up to 300 kg in weight. Aluminum cranes from Schmalz are an optimum supplement to the vacuum lifters. They are particularly responsive, can be easily integrated into the hall environment and ensure good range of movement at high picking performance.


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