Vacuum Specialist Schmalz Joins the Swiss LeanFactory Group

What does "Lean Production" stand for? And how am I able to design leaner processes? The LeanFactory Group connects entrepreneurs and companies with interesting solutions to discuss theses topics.

Tube lifter JumboFlex at Bossard AG
Collaboration outside the LeanFactory: Schmalz Tube Lifter JumboFlex used at Bossard AG

In a training center in Urdorf, close to Zurich, a manufacturing line is built, which follows the idea of a “lean production”. There, interested parties get regularly trained and educated to subjects like value stream mapping or Kanban. During this one day training the business partners also give keynote presentations.

The LeanFactory Group is a partnership of different companies, which tackles the design of modern production. Companies like Bosch, Bossard AG, Bosch Rexroth, SSI Schäfer, Werma Signaltechnik, Identech, Leonardo Group, Brütsch Rüegger and FMS-Technik are already part of the group, newest member now is Schmalz Switzerland. Schmalz complements the production chain with its ergonomic handling solutions. Thus, a vacuum tube lifter JumboFlex is now working in the LeanFactory. Tube lifters from Schmalz enable operators to handle loads up to 300 kg; the handling of cartons, boxes or barrels becomes a childs' play. Not only employees benefit from this: Improved working conditions increase the motivation of the employees and avoid illness-related absences. The vacuum lifters are complimented by smooth-running aluminum crane systems, perfectly adapted to the customers' requirements.

More Information, as well as event dates of the LeanFactory Group Swiss can be found on the homepage