Schmalz at the Motek Trade Show: Smart Vacuum Technology with Utility Value

As the leading provider of vacuum technology, Schmalz supports its customers on the way toward networked production. The company will be at Motek 2017 in Stuttgart, Germany from October 9 to 12. At booth 3101 in Hall 3, Schmalz will demonstrate how vacuum technology can provide the operator with important process data through various channels, make automation procedures transparent, and thus bring increases to productivity.

The new app allows all NFC-capable Smart Field Devices from Schmalz to be read and even written to. For example, the user can transmit values from one device to another.

Without intelligent devices in networked production, Industry 4.0 cannot be implemented. At Motek, Schmalz will be showing a whole collection of such Smart Field Devices. Via a built-in IO-Link, they can record, monitor and analyze data relevant to energy and performance in vacuum systems.

One highlight will be the premiere of the new app, which allows all NFC-capable Smart Field Devices from Schmalz to be read and even written to. This means, for example, that the operator can quickly and easily parameterize the vacuum and pressure switch VSi using a smartphone, or transfer values from one device to another. This reduces startup times by up to 75 percent. Furthermore, the app obviates the need for display and input modules on gripper systems, which in turn reduces procurement costs by up to 40 percent.

A newcomer among the Smart Field Devices is the electric vacuum generator ECBPi. It works without pressurized air and is especially well suited to handling tasks in mobile robotics. It communicates process data to the fieldbus system or the cloud via IO-Link. An NFC data interface allows this vacuum generator to transmit information to mobile terminal devices such as tablet PCs and smartphones. All of the Smart Field Devices from Schmalz collect and interpret data and make them instantly available to the operator. The energy monitoring function guarantees optimal energy consumption throughout the system. The system status is monitored using condition monitoring, which greatly increases system availability. Predictive maintenance of systems, before faults bring them to an expensive standstill, increases a plant's output.

At Motek, Schmalz will be presenting more innovations from the field of grippers, such as the suction cup Balance SSCB, a combination gripper/clamping solution for three-dimensional components that can be integrated into manual or automated production processes. In order to grip objects reliably, its software projects a 2D reference surface onto the 3D free-form object to be handled.

Aside from individual components for networked production, at Motek, Schmalz will also present complex gripping systems for use as end-of-arm tooling for gantries and robots. The high-performance palletizer SPZ-M-C is an example: Its software allows it to store the gripping procedures for various different workpieces and recall them at need later. Reading in the data for workpieces is also easy, and the ability to deposit process data helps to learn new handling tasks quickly.

The other elements of the exhibition portfolio will include the JumboFlex and JumboErgo series of vacuum lifters for various carrying loads. These make production and logistics processes in industry and commerce not only more ergonomic but also more efficient through higher handling rates. In connection with the particularly smooth running aluminum jib cranes, these can make almost any internal handling or logistics process faster and more ergonomic. 


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