Schmalz: New Modular Flat Jib

A combination of a vacuum lifter and a suitable crane system makes it possible to perform manual lifting tasks ergonomically. In order to provide for ease of operations in low-ceilinged rooms, J. Schmalz GmbH has developed a new modular aluminum flat jib. Compared to conventional jib cranes made of steel, moving this jib with its vacuum lifter and a load demands considerably less force to be used by the operator.

The new aluminum jib from Schmalz optimizes the working area in low-ceilinged rooms for the vacuum tube lifter Jumbo.

Schmalz is blazing new trails with its modular aluminum flat jib. The vacuum experts have developed an ergonomic and flat solution based on the modular system for jib cranes. Compared to the previous steel designs, the overall height of the new jib has been reduced by up to 96 millimeters. With it, lifting devices may be fitted up to 340 millimeters higher than with a standard aluminum jib with no increase in the overall height. This optimizes the working area in low-ceilinged rooms for the vacuum tube lifter Jumbo, which is used by operators for moving various goods and workpieces ergonomically and at high cycle frequencies. Not only is the new jib crane lower than the steel version; due to its modular design, it's also cheaper and can be perfectly integrated into any working environment. It can handle loads of up to 110 kilograms.

For applications in low-ceilinged rooms, Schmalz previously provided a flat special crane solution based on a steel rail and a non-modular design. This solution was more costly to produce and thus had a higher price. 

Schmalz provides the usual accessories (such as anchors and wall mounting brackets, mobile base plates, slewing angle limiters and blower consoles) for the new series of flat aluminum jibs, too.


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