The New SCPM: Vacuum Generation Made Compact

Small, powerful and scalable – the SCPM from J. Schmalz GmbH represents a new series of compact ejectors that can be integrated directly into the vacuum gripping system thanks to their slim, lightweight design.

Compact Ejector SCPMc (“controlled”) while removing plastic injection-moulded parts.

The company has developed the new SCPM family in response to the growing demand for space-saving, decentralized vacuum generators that combine powerful suction with straightforward integration. Their optimized power density and compact dimensions allow the ejectors to be used very close to the suction cup. Up to 16 ejectors can be easily blocked to form a compact pneumatic unit with just one connection. This means that users can set up and individually control this number of vacuum circuits with one device, allowing different parts to be handled independently of one another with only one terminal.

A further interesting feature is the modular system, which greatly simplifies the selection of the right vacuum generator: Using different modules, three different versions can be created with just one main body. In addition to the basic version SCPMb, there is also a ‘c’ version – where ‘c’ stands for ‘controlled’. With additional features such as the automatic air-saving function and active blow off, this version reduces compressed air consumption during handling by more than 80 percent. The intelligent ‘i’ version of the SCPM also offers numerous functions for monitoring and controlling the entire production process.

SCPMi: Read, Write, Analyze

The SCPMi version is equipped with an IO-Link interface and NFC (near field communication) and transmits all relevant process data clearly to mobile devices and computers. This allows systems to be monitored continuously and means that any faults can be quickly remedied before substantial costs are incurred. In combination with the Schmalz ControlRoom app, the pneumatic vacuum generators can be read out and parameterized directly on the system at any time using mobile terminal devices. The user receives important service and maintenance information directly on their smartphone or tablet and can also access information such as the operating instructions or serial and order numbers. With functions such as predictive maintenance, the intelligent version of the SCPM ejector increases productivity by up to ten percent.


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