Vacuum technology at the Empack

Vacuum Technology at the Empack

Schmalz will be presenting its wide range of vacuum solutions at this year's trade show: This includes vacuum technology for automation, vacuum lifters and crane systems for manual processes.

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Vacuum Lifters and Crane Systems for Manual Processes

Vacuum lifters can help achieve ergonomic and efficient processes. The vacuum lifter relieves the user of the weight of the workpiece, which helps prevent injuries due to the continual lifting and moving of heavy loads. Our highlights at this year's trade show include:


Further product highlights


  • Workpieces up to 50 kg
  • One-hand operation for rapid movement processes


  • Workpieces up to 300 kg
  • Tube lifter JumboErgo for the dynamic handling of bulky workpieces.

Crane Systems and Jib Cranes

  • Aluminum crane systems and jib cranes for indoors
  • Optimally adjustable to the nominal lift capacity of the vacuum lifters
  • Outstanding low-friction operation and low moving mass

JumboSprint EX

  • Compact workpieces up to 250 kg
  • Rotating operator handle for precise operation
  • For use in areas where there is a risk of explosion

Vacuum Technology for Automation

Schmalz offers a wide range of vacuum components for an even wider range of industries. From suction cups to mounting equipment to vacuum generation, customers can obtain all components needed for a vacuum system from a single source. Our product spectrum for the packaging industry include:


Further product highlights

Bellows Suction Cups SPOB1f (Oval, 1.5 Folds)

  • Dimensions: 35 x 15 to 80 x 35 mm
  • Material: SI (suitable for applications in the food industry)

Bellows Suction Cups SPB2 (2.5 Folds)

  • Diameter: 20 to 50 mm
  • Material: ED
  • Connection nipple modular

Vacuum Area Gripping System FXP/FMP

  • Universal gripper for automated palletizing / de-palletizing, commissioning and sorting
  • Dimensions: 442 x 130 to 1,432 x 130 mm
  • Sealing element: sealing foam, suction cup

Compact Ejectors SCPS / SCPSi

  • Suction capacity up to 67 l/min
  • Max. vacuum: 85 %
  • Body made of plastic

Basic Ejectors SBPL

  • Suction capacity: 290 to 1,140 l/min
  • Max. vacuum: 61 to 90 %
  • Body made of plastics

Vacuum and Pressure Switches VSi

  • Electronic vacuum and pressure switch
  • Measuring range: -1 to 10 bar
  • Switching function: PNP, NPN

Compact Ejectors SCPi / SMPi

  • Suction capacity up to 195 l/min
  • Max. vacuum: 85 %

Suction Cups for Packaging

  • Handling of cardboard boxes, bags, plastic film and blister packs
  • Use in the primary and secondary packaging sectors
  • FDA-compliant materials

Vacuum End Effectors VEE

  • Modular system for simple design of vacuum end effectors
  • Grippers that can be configured online
  • Handling of workpieces in packaging processes

Vacuum Layer Gripping System SPZ

  • High-performance palletizers for warehousing and intralogistics

Vacuum Technology on the Empack

Visit us in hall 4, booth F29