Vacuum technology on the Glasstec

Vacuum Technology at the GlassBuild

Schmalz will be presenting its wide range of vacuum solutions at this year's trade show: This includes vacuum technology for automation, vacuum lifters and crane systems for manual processes and clamping equipment for CNC machining centers.

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Vacuum Technology for Automation

Schmalz offers a wide range of vacuum components for an even wider range of industries. From suction cups to mounting equipment to vacuum generation, customers can obtain all components needed for a vacuum system from a single source. Our highlights at this year's trade show include:


Compact Terminal SCTMi

The Compact Terminal SCTMi consists of several block-mounted, intelligent compact ejectors. It can be used on universal component grippers, for example. Each ejector is equipped with an intelligent energy and process control: the vacuum circuits can be actuated and monitored individually.

Compact Terminal SCTMi

Suction Plate SGF HS with Greater Stroke

The FM1 version with a flange module ensures a secure hold and allows for easy mounting on the machine table. In addition to the mark-free HT1 material, plates are also available in the elastomer EPDM. This material’s elasticity and special shape ensure that the workpiece remains secured even under high shear forces.

Suction plate SGF HS

Protection cover area grippers
Vacuum Area Gripping System FXP with Foam for Handling Glass

The area gripping system FXP with sealing foam handles sensitive workpieces with minimum surface pressure. There is no relative movement of the foam on the workpiece surface. The soft and adaptabel sealing foam can now be covered with a special fabric. Thus the workpiece suface does not get contaminated by the gripper. The protection cover can easily be replaced.

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Further product highlights

Suction Cups for Handling Glass

  • Handling of flat glass sections
  • High holding and shear forces
  • Materials for leaving few marks

Vacuum and Pressure Switches VSi

  • Electronic vacuum and pressure switch with and without display
  • Measuring range: -1 to 10 bar
  • Switching function: PNP, NPN

Compact Ejectors SCPS / SCPSi

  • Suction capacity up to 67 l/min
  • Max. vacuum 85%
  • Body made of plastic

Compact Ejectors SCPi / SMPi

  • Suction capacity up to 185 l/min
  • Max. vacuum 85%
Basic Ejectors SBPL

Basic Ejectors SBPL

  • Suction capacity: 290 to 1,140 l/min
  • Max. vacuum: 61 to 90%
  • Body made of plastics

Clamping Solutions for CNC Machining

Clamping solutions provide an optimal hold while wood, glass or metal is being machined. The clamping equipment is equipped with special friction pads so that it does not leave marks on glass. Our highlights at this year's trade show include:


Flat Table Suction Cups VCBL-GL

The new flat table suction cup VCBL-GL are particularly effective for edging window glass in the automotive industry. The suction cups operate with a two-circuit vacuum system and two hose connections: one for positioning the suction cup on the machine table and one for securing the workpiece on the vacuum block.

Further product highlights

Quick-Change System SQC

  • Complete clamping system consisting of suction cup mountings quick-change mono-base, quick-change suction cups and covers
  • Overall height 80 mm (quick-change mono-base and quick-change suction cup), accurate to ±0.1 mm

Vacuum Blocks VCBL-GL

  • Two-circuit vacuum system with hose connection
  • Secure and position workpieces using vacuum power
  • Height: 81.5 mm and 93.5 mm, additional heights on request

Innospann Flat Table Systems

  • A complete clamping system consists of suction cup mounting Quad-Base and up to four suction cups
  • Uncovered mountings are closed using covers
  • Plastic suction cup for Innospann mountings

Vacuum Lifters and Crane Systems for Manual Processes

Vacuum lifters can help achieve ergonomic and efficient processes. The vacuum lifter relieves the user of the weight of the workpiece, which helps prevent injuries due to the continual lifting and moving of heavy loads. Our highlights at this year's trade show include:

VacuMaster Window

  • Load-bearing capacities of up to 300 kg
  • Vertical handling of windows, glass sheets and glass components
  • Workpieces can be rotated 90°

VacuMaster Comfort

  • Load-bearing capacities of up to 750 kg
  • Operator handle with integrated control of the lifting device and the chain hoist
  • Controlled vacuum generator for reduced energy consumption


  • Workpieces up to 300 kg in different formats
  • Twist grip for safe operation
  • Workpieces swivel by up to 90° (optional)

Crane Systems and Jib Cranes

Aluminum crane systems and jib cranes for indoors

  • Optimally adjustable to the nominal lift capacity of the vacuum lifters
  • Outstanding low-friction operation and low moving mass

VacuMaster Window Comfort

  • Load-bearing capacities of up to 300 kg
  • Vertical handling of windows, glass sheets and glass components
  • Workpieces can be rotated 90°
  • Operator handle with integrated control of the lifting device and the chain hoist