Ecological Guided Tour

Public interest in our many environment-protection measures and their benefits for private persons, other companies, schools, clubs and other associations was the trigger for the installation of an ecological guided tour. The objective of this is to demonstrate the wide range of possible ecologically correct conduct, together with the positive effects which result from this. At the same time, the tour is intended to provide other interested companies with ideas and to encourage them to copy us.

The ecological guided tour begins with a presentation on the production of regenerative energy and the measures implemented in the company for protection of the environment. The participants are then conducted on a tour through various parts of the factory, where they can see how Schmalz generates the necessary energy with the aid of wind turbines, wood chips, photovoltaic systems and solar systems. Black boards provide background information on the various subjects. It is also possible to deal with specific questions during the free guided tour. Upon special request, it is also possible to visit one of the company's own wind turbines. The ecological guided tour has met with a very positive response, with more than 500 participants each year.