Clamping Systems for CNC Machining

Schmalz clamping systems are used in CNC machining centers to ensure that the workpieces being machined are securely held. The products, which are quick and easy to install, are predominantly used in the wood working industry. They are also excellently suited for the metal, plastics, glass, aerospace, solar and electronics industries.

Schmalz vacuum clamping systems are also economically profitable because of their short set-up times and because they allow you to machine workpieces on all sides. Vacuum clamping systems can be installed in new machines, but they can also be used to modernize existing machining centers. Individual suction plates can be easily removed and reinstalled without having to replace the entire product. Schmalz has the perfect solution for every application and guarantees optimal process reliability with all its clamping systems.

Schmalz offers a wide range of clamping systems. You can easily order our vacuum blocks, along with all accessories and spare parts, from our online shop.

Schmalz clamping systems

Clamping Systems for Wood Working

Grid table clamping systems are perfectly suited for complex five-axis machining. The vacuum blocks can be fastened directly to the grid table or using mini-plates and adapters. The positive locking between the grid table and the particular fastener used ensures optimal retention. The vacuum blocks can be easily moved and ensure that the workpiece is held securely even under the highest machining forces.

Schmalz also offers its customers flexible solutions for smooth machining tables. With these solutions, the vacuum blocks can be moved to any location across the entire work surface, and two separate vacuum lines are employed to clamp the suction cup to the table while also clamping the workpiece. This is the principle used by the Innospann smooth table suction blocks, to which suction cups are attached. Schmalz also offers a hose-free vacuum clamping system for smooth aluminum tables with an integrated vacuum line. With these tables, the vacuum blocks can be positioned in any location and both the workpiece and the vacuum block are held in place by the suction from the vacuum line.

We also offer various suction cups and our Adapter-Plates for console table systems. These products are available for Schmalz console tables as well as for tables from manufacturers like Biesse, Morbidelli and more. The products have been specially designed to fit consoles from these manufacturers used in CNC machining centers. The suction cups can be positioned and fastened to the consoles either manually or with a vacuum. We also offer mechanical clamps for all types of workbenches, making Schmalz clamping systems even more flexible.

Steel-Plate for Retrofitting

Schmalz vacuum clamping systems can be retrofitted to any existing CNC machining center, making them a cost-effective alternative to investing in a new machine. It doesn’t matter the manufacturer or the type of machine: Schmalz has the perfect solution for every workbench. On smooth benches, you first install a grid table, to which the Innospann Steel-Plate is then attached. A sealing gasket inserted in the grid table seals off the hollow spaces between the two plates. Sealing magnets or solenoid valves close the openings on the Steel-Plate that are not in use. The suction cups can be placed either directly on the Steel-Plate or on a Quad-Base.

Clamping Systems for Manual Machining

The vacuum clamping system Multi-Clamp is specially designed for manual machining and replaces the classic bench vice. The Multi-Clamp leaves no marks or indentations on the clamped surface, leaving the workpiece unblemished. The continuously rotatable suction plate lets you work on all sides, making it unnecessary to reclamp the workpiece. The suction plate is attached to the turn/swivel fixture Multi-Base, which can be attached to virtually any surface using screws or suction.

Console Table Systems

  • Clamping equipment for Schmalz consoles (single-circuit and two-circuit systems) and consoles from Biesse and SCM/Morbidelli

Grid Table Systems

  • Clamping equipment for all common grid geometries (groove depth 5 x 5 mm to 7 x 7 mm)

Flat Table Systems

  • Clamping Equipment especially designed for use on any flat table

Modernization of CNC Machining Centers

  • Solutions for modernizing console table, grid table and flat table systems

Clamping Solutions for Narrow Workpieces

  • Clamping equipment for effortlessly clamping narrow workpieces
  • Schmalz vacuum clamping technology can be used in a variety of table systems

Clamping Solutions for Solid Wood

  • Clamping equipment for absorption of high cutting forces while processing solid wood parts

Clamping Solutions for Manual Work

  • Clamping equipment for clamping workpieces for manual processing

Replacement Suction Plates

  • Replacement suction plates for restoring a vacuum block after wear

Clamping Systems for Metal and Plastic Machining

Schmalz offers its customers the Matrix-Plate for clamping flat and easily deformed materials such as aluminum. A sealing gasket is used to seal off the area on the plate where the workpiece is placed. The integrated vacuum connection is used to clamp the workpiece, and optional friction pads provide the highest possible holding forces to ensure reliable clamping. The Matrix-Plate can be expanded with the Innospann Steel-Plate. The vacuum blocks can then be positioned anywhere on the Steel-Plate, thereby completing the clamping system.

Clamping Systems for Metal and Plastic Machining

Clamping Solutions for Glass Working

Schmalz also offers its customers innovative solutions for glass. Vacuum blocks equipped with special friction plates ensure that the workpieces are securely held on flat tables. The suction cups are designed for either the Quad-Base or for a special quick-change system from Schmalz. In both cases, the suction cups can be easily placed in the desired locations, which is all it takes to adjust the system to any shape of workpiece.

Clamping Solutions for Glass Working

Clamping Systems for 3D Freeform Surfaces

Schmalz 3D clamping systems allow you to securely clamp complex parts and workpieces. The suction cups of the Basic Holding Fixture system allow for rotary and height adjustment so that even curved and uneven surfaces can be easily clamped, providing a secure hold during CNC machining. A ball joint and a star grip are used to adjust the angle and the height of the suction cup, and two clamping levers are used to lock it in place. In combination with the Schmalz Steel-Plate, the Schmalz 3D clamping system can be easily installed on any type of table.

Clamping Sytems for 3D Freeform Surfaces