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Schmalz Eco Nozzle Technology

The Core of Efficient Vacuum Generation. For More Performance and Less Consumption.


Customized vacuum generation for your application
  • Various possibilities for integration
  • Centralized and decentralized vacuum systems can be realized
  • Two characteristics available depending on the workpiece
15 % higher suction capacity
  • Reliable handling of even porous and flexible workpieces thanks to high flow rates
  • Large operating range of -250 to -850 mbar
  • Accelerated process thanks to faster evacuation times
15 % less compressed air consumption
  • Compressed air consumption reduced by 15 % during active vacuum generation
Functional Principle and Characteristics

The eco nozzle technology is based on a multi-stage venturi principle. Schmalz has refined this technology to make vacuum generation with compressed air more efficient, thus offering an ideal combination of suction capacity and energy efficiency. Core of the entire product line is the ejector module ecoPump. The ecoPump is available in two characteristics, depending on the application area. They provide an almost identical suction capacity, but differ in terms of the maximum achievable vacuum.

High Vacuum (HV) for airtight applications

  • Use in applications where a high vacuum can be reached
  • Ideal for airtight workpieces

High Flow (HF) for porous applications

  • Use in applications where a high vacuum cannot be reached
  • Reaches the same suction rate as the HV version with a lower compressed air consumption
  • Saves energy when handling porous workpieces



Product Range and Integration Possibilities
Ejector Modules

Decentralized vacuum generation as close as possible to the suction cup

Integration as a machine component

  • Direct installation in machines as an insert nozzle thanks to compact and lightweight design

Integration in vacuum grippers

  • Direct installation in grippers and gripping tools without separate housing

Integration with separate housing

  • Schmalz ecoPump housing SFE offers various connection and assembly options

Ejector Modules ecoPump SEP

  • Suction rate up to 309 l/min
  • For airtight or porous workpieces
Product Features and Selection

1) Can be expanded with up to 6 nozzles on a modular basis
2) Is equal to 2 x 16 – 16 x 67 l/min according to number and type of connected ejectors

Added Value for Your Processes: Additional Functions of Schmalz Compact Ejectors
IO-Link interface
  • Bidirectional communication with all current field-bus systems
  • Recorded condition data can be viewed and used up to control level
  • Supports remote parameterization and remote diagnostics
Automatic air saving function
  • 80 % reduction of compressed air consumption by switching off the suction function when not needed
  • No electrical signals required
Condition monitoring
  • Condition monitoring to increase system availability based on a detailed condition analysis and early fault recognition
Predictive maintenance
  • Predictive maintenance to increase the performance of gripping systems
  • Quick and easy system optimization through performance evaluation