The Three Musketeers

Three high-performance types for a variety of applications: JumboFlex, JumboErgo and JumboSprint differ in the form and function of their operator handles and are conceived in each case for specific applications.


  • Workpieces up to 50 kg with high cycle frequencies
  • One-hand operation for rapid movement processes
  • One-finger / two-finger control for right-handed and left-handed users




  • Workpieces up to 300 kg in different formats
  • Twist grip for safe operation
  • Workpieces swivel by up to 90° (optional)


  • Compact workpieces weighing up to 300 kg
  • Rotating operator handle for precise operation
  • Design for use in areas where there is a risk of explosion (JumboSprint EX)

Jumbo Vacuum Tube Lifter for Ergonomic Operation

The Jumbo vacuum tube lifter tackles big jobs in the shortest amount of time: Cardboard boxes, sacks, car body parts, wooden boards and much more – with the power of the Jumbo tube lifter, you can lift 300 kilograms with ease. It is the ideal aid for machine loading, for shipping and picking areas and for many other lifting applications. Schmalz offers vacuum lifting devices with perfectly coordinated crane systems made of aluminum components.

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Ergonomics, productivity and safety

Benefit from the power of Jumbos

The Schmalz vacuum lifting devices make manual activities more ergonomic. They help to reduce musculoskeletal disorders caused by frequent lifting and moving of loads. Even smaller loads often add up to several tons of weight during a single shift. The Jumbo tube lifter relieves the operator of the weight of the workpiece and supports an ergonomic working posture. The work processes are not only more ergonomic, but also more productive. Handling speeds remain at a consistently high level. Employees work without getting tired and remain motivated. Downtimes, for example during machine loading, are reduced. 

Occupational health and safety is also a key argument for the use of a lifting aid. International safety standards are already taken into account when developing the devices. The workpiece itself is gripped safely and gently, thereby reducing the number of rejects. The Jumbo tube lifter is attached to a crane. Schmalz provides cranes that are perfectly tailored to the lifting capacity of the tube lifter. The cranes are especially easy to move.

A sophisticated system

The Jumbo tube lifter is designed according to the modular concept. The Jumbo can therefore be configured perfectly to the particular application and customer requirements. The Jumbo is characterized by its blue lifting tube. The Jumbo only uses vacuum to raise and lower loads. If a load is applied, the lifting hose contracts and the load is lifted. To lower the load, atmospheric air is supplied and the lifting hose expands once again. Both movements are accurately controlled via the operator handle.

The suction surface of the gripper ensures that the workpiece is securely held. Schmalz offers suitable accessories, a complete system with crane and comprehensive services in conjunction with the tube lifter.

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