Vacuum Clamping Systems

Vacuum clamping technology for wood processing is essential for efficient grid, flat and console table system setup. Existing machining centers can be easily modernized with the Innospann clamping system. The Multi-Clamp is the perfect tool for manual fixing of small and medium-sized workpieces.

The matrix plate ensures distortion-free, reliable clamping of metal and plastic workpieces.

As a long-term partner of well-known machine manufacturers, Schmalz offers considerable experience and expertise in vacuum clamping technology. Whether initial equipment, retrofit solutions or spare parts - Schmalz offers a large selection of high-quality clamping equipment for your application.

With its versatile vacuum clamping system Multi-Clamp, Schmalz has developed a solution in its program for the manual processing of workpieces, such as sawing, grinding, drilling or screwing.

Are you a machine manufacturer or outfitter?

Schmalz supplies complete clamping systems for your vacuum driven machine table, regardless of manufacturer and individually adapted to your needs. Please contact us.

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Clamping Equipment for Woodworking

  • Vacuum clamping technology for CNC machining of wooden workpieces
  • Solutions for console table, grid table and flat table systems
  • Clamping equipment for both narrow workpieces and workpieces made from solid wood
  • Clamping solutions for modernizing CNC machining centers

Clamping Equipment for Metal and Plastic Processing

  • Vacuum clamping technology for CNC machining of metal and plastic workpieces
  • Universal clamping system for smooth workpieces
  • Economic and flexible right from production batch one

Clamping Equipment for Glass Processing

  • Vacuum clamping technology for CNC machining of glass workpieces
  • For flexible and efficient production processes
  • Wear-resistant friction pads for high precision

Clamping Equipment for 3D Freeform Surfaces

  • Vacuum clamping technology for securely clamping workpieces with free-form surfaces with minimum warping
  • Used in laser and milling processes in the fiber composite industry and in applications with metal, plastics or wood

Vacuum Generators

  • Vacuum generator for use in CNC machining centers
  • Supplies and monitors vacuum power