Efficient vacuum supply for clamping workpieces on CNC machining centers

Schmalz, the vacuum specialist, offers complete vacuum systems that generate and monitor the vacuum for clamping workpieces on CNC machining centers.

Vacuum Operation Center (VOC)
Vacuum Operation Center (VOC): stationary vacuum generation and monitoring for clamping workpieces on CNC machining centers
Vacuum unit (VAGG)
Vacuum unit (VAGG): Mobile vacuum generation and monitoring for small and medium-sized CNC machining centers

Safety is of prime importance in industrial vacuum technology. The safety-first principle also applies when clamping workpieces on CNC machining centers. Vacuum generation plays a significant role in terms of process reliability. Schmalz has developed vacuum systems specially to meet the demands in the metal and glass working industry. These systems do not only prepare the material, but also monitor the material and separate liquids or chips that have been sucked in. 

Stationary systems with automatic liquid recirculation

The Vacuum Operation Center (VOC) is used as the central unit for CNC machining centers with vacuum clamping technology. The VOC offers machine manufacturers and OEMs a complete system that is ready for connection. The system consists of a vacuum pump, vacuum and liquid reservoir, filters and various control and monitoring equipment. The oil-lubricated vacuum pump offers a maximum vacuum of 980 mbar and is available in various performance levels with suction volumes of 40 m3/h to 250 m3/h. A special filter device prevents vapors from condensing in the pump and prevents liquids from getting in. The recirculating process starts as soon as cooling lubricant is sucked in. The liquid is separated by the VOC, collected in the reservoir, and continuously returned to the machining cycle while maintaining the operating vacuum.

Chips that have also been sucked in are reliably separated, meaning that they cannot compromise the process.

The input and output signals of the VOC are synchronized with the machine controller via the central interface. The vacuum and the level of liquid in the reservoir are constantly monitored during operation. A signal is sent to the machine controller if a value drops below a critical vacuum value, or if more liquid is sucked up than can be separated. The available reservoir reserves are usually sufficient, so that processing can be successfully completed.

Mobile systems with automatic energy conservation

Schmalz has developed the VAGG vacuum unit for end users who use vacuums as one of many fixing methods. With a maximum vacuum of 980 mbar and a suction rate of 6 to 63 m³/h,  it is particularly suited for small and medium-sized CNC machining centers. The VAGG is mobile and can, if necessary, be quickly installed and removed. It is in this way, for example, that the vacuum supply can be rotated between several machines. Optical and audible monitoring systems continuously provide the operator and the machine with information about the current operating vacuum and the fill level of the reservoir. The automatic energy saving function activates once a safe vacuum value has been reached. It interrupts vacuum generation and helps the user save electricity. Liquids that have been sucked in are collected in the reservoir and can be returned to the machining cycle via a ball valve. Fill level monitoring indicates critical levels early on.

The Vacuum Operation Center and the vacuum unit from Schmalz are ready for connection devices, which can be easily synchronized with the machine controller. Reliable monitoring of the operating functions prevents vacuum-related production losses. This enables processing that is free of interruptions and ensures the required safety.

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