New Brochure from Schmalz: Clamping Solutions for CNC Machining

In the company's latest brochure, J. Schmalz GmbH informs readers about its innovative vacuum clamping systems for CNC machining. On 32 pages, the clearly organized, richly illustrated brochure provides a comprehensive overview of the options for designing more efficient production processes with the help of a vacuum system.

The new brochure devotes six pages to the subject of glass, which shows that Schmalz has significantly expanded its product line for glass processing. For example, suction cups with special, low-wear friction pads ensure precise results – even in challenging operating environments with grinding water and glass dust. For processing workpieces of different geometries, the flexible Innospann flat table systems from Schmalz are ideal. Thanks to the suction cups that come in a variety of sizes and its modular system design, users can implement specific suction areas for machining centers with flat tables quickly and easily.

Schmalz developed the SQC Quick-Change System especially for machine tables with screw-attachment suction cups. The system includes SQC-MB suction block mountings that are securely installed on the table with one M12 hollow screw each. The SQC-C cups are attached to the suction block mountings with a quick-change system – no tools required – to create a flexible, effective clamping solution for glass machining centers. The cups are attached as needed and the unused suction points are sealed. This reduces set-up times and downtime when working with a variety of glass shapes. The special structure of the suction area ensures high lateral forces even with moist or wet glass.

The vacuum specialist has devoted another section of the brochure to metal and plastics processing. Here, users can work more flexibly with the clamping solutions from Schmalz and reduce their set-up times. Even very small quantities can be produced economically and in repeatable quality. The vacuum clamping system's matrix plate holds workpieces made of aluminum and other, non-ferromagnetic workpieces in place reliably. Due to its modular design, the system is easy to adjust to varying workpiece geometries and types of processing. In conjunction with the Innospann Steel-Plate from Schmalz, users have even greater flexibility. The vacuum clamping system's matrix plate with the Innospann Steel-Plate and vacuum block optimizes five-axis processing, for example.

The ongoing trend to light series that combine innovative materials with sometimes complex geometries is presenting clamping technology with new challenges. Schmalz has developed the BHF Basic Holding Fixture for fixing workpieces with three-dimensional free-form surfaces securely and with a minimum of warping. Mobile, height-adjustable clamping elements and quick-change suction cups enable the clamping system to adapt optimally to a wide variety of surfaces, contours and materials.

Schmalz has developed vacuum generators to meet the special demands of the metal and glass processing industry. These systems not only prepare and monitor the material, but also separate liquids or chips that have been sucked in. The VAGG Vacuum Unit is engineered for mobile vacuum generation and monitoring for small to medium-sized CNC machining centers. The VOC Vacuum Operation Center is the central vacuum management unit for CNC machining centers with vacuum clamping technology. Machine manufacturers and OEMs receive a complete, ready-to-connect system.

The new brochure from Schmalz is available in German, English, French, Italian and Spanish. You can request or download it at


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