New Schmalz Brochure about Vacuum Clamping Systems for Wood Processing

J. Schmalz GmbH has published a new brochure on “Vacuum Clamping Systems for Wood Processing.” This 52-page publication features numerous examples of real-life applications to offer clamping solutions for all current machine manufacturers and table types.

Schmalz provides 52 pages of comprehensive information
Schmalz provides 52 pages of comprehensive information about “Vacuum Clamping Systems – Clamping Solutions for Wood Processing.”

As the long-time partner of well-known machine manufacturers, Schmalz offers considerable experience and expertise in vacuum clamping technology, which is demonstrated in this richly illustrated and clearly structured brochure. The contents include Schmalz’ extensive range of clamping equipment for CNC wood machining, such as vacuum blocks with various dimensions and designs, mechanical clamps for narrow workpieces, and a broad range of spare and wearing parts.

The organization based on machine table type (grid tables, flat tables and console tables), overall height and suction area enables readers to quickly find the right clamping equipment for their specific applications. A new addition is the VC-R series of vacuum blocks for grid tables for complex five-axis processing. More sizes have also been added to many existing suction cup series. The flat table suction cups shown allow fast, simple setup on flat surfaces, while the console table suction cups enable flexible panel processing and frame production on single or dual-circuit consoles.

The brochure also provides detailed information about the vacuum clamping system Innospann for cross-manufacturer retrofitting of CNC machining centers. Finally, with the manual clamping solution Multi-Clamp, Schmalz also presents a tool for quickly and flexibly clamping small and medium-sized workpieces.

The brochure is available in German, English, French, Italian and Spanish. 


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