Schmalz FlexMat SFM

  • Elastomer mat for clamping flat metal or plastic workpieces by means of vacuum
  • Multiple vacuum chambers allow complex workpiece shapes to be flexibly and safely clamped, even if vacuum cannot be applied to the entire surface
  • Specially developed for manufacturing recesses and easily replaceable when damaged
  • High absorption of lateral forces due to elastomer surface
  • Compatible with Schmalz Matrix-Plate MPL with Steel-Plate ISST-MPL
  • If the mat is partially occupied, at least 50 % of the area should be occupied

Our Highlights...

  • Vacuum distributed to various suction points
  • Mat optimized for wear during milling
  • High friction power due to elastomer surface
  • Honeycomb structure of suction points creates a large usable area

Your Benefits...

  • Milling possible with mat only partially occupied
  • Manufacturing of recesses and cost-effective replacement of the mat as a wearing part
  • High absorption of lateral forces
  • Maximum vacuum clamping force

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Elastomer mat for fixing workpieces
Material: Plastic
for: Matrix-Plate