Adapter-Plates AP-G

  • Adapter-Plate for using vacuum blocks VCBL-B on nesting machine tables
  • The Adapter-Plate is supplied with vacuum via a hose that is connected to the template connection of the machine
  • Vacuum blocks VCBL-B are placed into the suction cup mount of the Adapter-Plate at any orientation in 15° steps to orient the suction area as desired
  • The vacuum blocks are available in three different heights (29, 48 and 74 mm) and four different suction areas

Our Highlights...

  • Modular system of Adapter-Plate and suction cups
  • Suction cups available in various overall heights
  • Special friction pad on the underside (milled to size)
  • Push button for manual blow-off of the bottom side
  • Vacuum blocks VCBL-B with touch valve

Your Benefits...

  • Maximum flexibility and set-up time reduction
  • Multiple working heights available all the way up to five-axis machining
  • High holding force on smooth surfaces
  • Quick positioning of the Adapter-Plate without turning off the vacuum
  • Unused vacuum blocks can remain on the machine table

Individual items in the product family Adapter-Plates AP-G


Adapter-Plate AP for usage of Vacuum Blocks VCBL-B
for: Smooth Table Systems
Working height H1 (max): 100 mm
Length L: 145 mm
Width B: 130 mm
Height H: 26 mm