Clamping Solutions for Metal and Plastic Processing

The Schmalz Matrix-Plate guarantees minimal set-up times when clamping flat workpieces with flat undersides on CNC machining centers. Using the vacuum clamping system, even components that are difficult to clamp mechanically can be secured precisely, quickly and without distortion. Flexibility is increased again when combined with the Innospann Steel-Plate. Productivity and set-up times can be further optimized, particularly when workpieces are changed frequently.

Matrix-Plate MPL

  • Clamping system made of high-strength aluminum
  • Adaptable to conventional clamping technology

Innospann Steel-Plate System ISST-MPL

  • Enhancement for the Schmalz Matrix-Plate
  • For recesses and five-axis processing

Accessories and Spare Parts

  • Enhance the Matrix-Plate clamping system and Innospann Steel-Plate systems with sealing gaskets, hose nozzles, magnetic plugs and sealing frames