Multi-Clamp System VC-M / VC-M-V

  • Effortless gripping for small and medium sized workpieces
  • Processing of workpieces from all sides with a continuous rotate and pivot function
  • Operation with an external vacuum pump, allowing the Multi-Clamp to be used anywhere irrespective of space
  • Both product components can either be used in combination or as stand-alone solutions

Our Highlights...

  • Version VC-M with integrated vacuum generation (ejector nozzle)
  • Multi-Base stageless rotatable by 360° and stageless swivellable by max. 90°
  • Multi-Clamp suction plate can be used as single unit
  • Individual use of the Multi-Clamp suction plate possible

Your Benefits...

  • No additional, expensive vacuum pump required
  • Flexible five-axis working without any problems
  • Multi-Clamp suction plate can be used as a cost saving stand-alone solution
  • Cost-effective standalone clamping solution

Individual items in the product family Multi-Clamp System VC-M / VC-M-V


VC-M-V 265x170x220.5
Vacuum clamping system Multi-Clamp for operation with a vacuum pump
Length L: 265 mm
Width B: 170 mm
Height H: 220.5 mm
VC-M-SPV 160x160
Multi-Clamp Suction plate
Length L: 160 mm
Width B: 160 mm